Valentines night in from Tesco ctd

As promised from my earlier Tesco post I have now cooked and ate my lovely food.

I had a special friend round to help me eat my lovely Valentine meal.
The food took only 30 minutes to cook. The mash was very creamy. The chicken breasts succulent with a delicious garlic sauce. I especially enjoyed the meatballs which were slightly peppery. The sauce they were in was lovely and not something you would expect from a prepared meal. The wedges also added a lovely touch too.
I have only had one glass of the white Chardonnay wine so far. It’s a lovely fresh taste and complimented the food well. I haven’t a clue what wine goes with what food and to be honest I don’t really care much as long as it tastes good.

I just about had room for some desserts. The caramel puddings are served hot and require ten minutes in the oven . Hot chocolate sponge with a burst of hot caramel sauce and lovely profiteroles oozing with cream with a pot of chocolate ready to be drizzled over.

Well we now feel stuffed and still enjoying the first glass of wine which will probably last me all night. I’m amazed that this lovely meal only cost Β£20 and that you get the two bottles if wine too which would probably cost around Β£6 if bought separately.
The best thing is that all I had to do was put them in the oven. No preparing, no peeling, no mess.
A lovely Valentines meal for two and all thanks to Tesco.
It’s not too late to buy yours. Many Tesco stores stay open til late with some opening 24 hours as well as all day tomorrow.

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