Infacare Baby Bubble bath


Infacare is ideal for babies and young children with sensitive skin. It is ultra mild and ph balanced.
A baby’s skin is ten times more delicate than an adults. Therefore it’s important to use products that are ph balanced and free from chemicals such as Sodium Trideceth Sulfate which is itself a mild cleanser found in many children’s bathing products but can dry out skin.
Infacare is free from any harsh chemicals and being ph balanced it means it matches the ph balance of baby’s hair and skin.
Infacare contains emollients that soften and soothe young skin as well as gently cleaning. Infacare is recommended by midwifes and hospital professionals and over a million bottles are sold every year.
We were sent a bottle of Infacare to try out. The bottles of Infacare are available in two sizes – 400ml and 750ml.

I really liked the fragrance of the Infacare it smelt soapy but light and very pleasant.
Izebella is lucky to not have dry skin but Jordanna seems to suffer from odd patches of dry itchy skin which she tends to scratch and make worse. Therefore I use the Infacare in both their baths, even tho Jordanna is now six.
I found that I only had to use a tiny amount of the Infacare to get lots of fun bubbles and I also read that a big 750ml bottle contains enough for for 107 baths.

Just look at all the lovely bubbles we got from a tiny squirt.
Both girls loved all the bubbles and the Infacare was kind and gentle to both skin and hair.

Infacare is widely stocked in most major supermarkets and high street shops such as Boots. More information can of course be found at the website Infacare UK

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