Jam Fusion Headphones

Jam Fusion from HMDX are the first wireless headphones that allow paired sharing.
They are sleek, stylish and so simple to use.
The wireless headset allows users to wirelessly listen to music at a distance of up to 10 meters from devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCS. There is nothing worse than a pair of plug in headphones these days with wires dangling out everywhere.

The headphones come in a tough plastic case which I have to say looks pretty stylish and nifty itself, almost ornamental. The headset easily adapts to fit head size and looks very fashionable and 21st century.

To start with you do need to charge the headphones for approximately 3 hours with a supplied mini USB. Once charged it’s simply just a case of enabling Bluetooth on your device and pairing.


The sound quality on the Jam Fusion is certainly at it’s best when compared to other headphones. There was no distortion or sound loss. The headphones allow for deep base sounds and even at highest volume, no sound is lost and there are no crackles. The Jam Fusion is therefore great to listen to any types of music without distortion or interruption.

The Jam Fusion has a 10 meter range meaning you can leave your device in one too and listen to music in another. The headphones come with their own control panel allowing users to change songs remotely as well as stop and pause, volume controls etc.

When using Jam Fusion with a smartphone, you are able to answer incoming calls through the integrated microphone.
Using the Jam2 switch users can pair 2 head sets to listen to the same music.
The headphones feel very comfortable on with the large cushioned pads which cushion the ears. They are very adjustable and they also bend into different positions for easy storage.

They are lightweight weighing less than 150gms. They have a 6 hour battery life and charge via mini USB cable to pc.
These are a great set of headphones. Probably the best I have come across so far. I will certainly get a lot of use out of these. Night time when there’s nothing on telly or maybe even dancing round the house whilst hoovering up. It also gives me more of a reason to transfer my music to my iPhone which I have been meaning to do for some time but never get around to it.
I actually have them on whilst writing this and it’s just amazing. I can even go the toilet with them on if I really wanted to. I wouldn’t advise bathing with them on tho.
They would be perfect for gyms or whilst out running as the wireless feature would enable you to place your music device in a bag or pocket whilst listening with the headphones and no need to worry about dangling wires and dropping an expensive phone etc.
You get a little carry bag to store them in too aswell as a headphone jak lead for when they need charging.
They are available in 3 colour choices, black, white and red. They would make an excellent gift for a gadget lover or perhaps a teenager who loves their loud music.
The Jam Fusion headphones cost Β£69.99. Any guy or even gadget loving girls would appreciate these as a Valentines present (I know I would) or any time of year really.


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