Disney Princess Palace Pets

Palace Pets from character options are a collection of loveable animals each one belonging to a Disney Princess. Each one is different and they all love to be pampered, cuddled and cared for.
Jordanna was sent the lovely Palace Pets Pamper Salon </which is where the pets go to get their tails styled.

Inside the Beauty salon little girls will find Rapunzels palace pet – Summer the Kitty who is just waiting to be groomed and primped like a real princess. Summer has magical toes that change colour with water.

The Pamper & Beauty salon contains everything little girls need to pamper there palace pets including a Spa tub sprayer which you can put water in, A spinning throne chair, Swing open floors that detach when not needed and lots of accessories such as a hair dryer, brushes and clips.

The Pamper & Beauty salon is suitable for girls ages 4 and over and contains a few small parts so unsuitable for younger children. It costs Β£34.99 and comes with several accessories and one palace pet.
There are several other Palace Pets to collect and add to your collection. They come in different shapes and sizes and with different accessories.
The Furry Tail Friends cost Β£5.99 and come with their own personal brush.
This is Snow Whites Pet bunny called Berry.


The Primp and Pamper Ponies are very cute and adorable with long colourful tails that are just waiting to be brushed. This one is Cinderellas Pony and she is callled Bibbidy.

The ponies come with 5 different accessories including a brush and clips and cost Β£7.99 each.


Last but not least are Talking and Singing Pets.

20140210-163233.jpg. Jordannas talking and singing pet is called Treasure and is the cute kitty of Disney princess Ariel. She is big and glamorous with a big bushy tail. These pets have special necklaces which when pressed they will talk and sing. They cost Β£12.99 each
All the pets can be used alongside the Beauty and Pamper Salon.

The full range of available Palace Pets characters and accessories can be found at the character options website
You get a little booklet with all the palace pets too telling you about them. Also there is an app for Apple devices which can be downloaded for free from App Store.

The app features interactive studios where you can wash pets aswell as stories and pictures to look at.

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