Give some Popcorn love for Valentines: Joe & Sephs

When you think of popcorn you probably imagine sitting in the cinema with a bucket of salty or sweet, or maybe a night in with a packet bought from the local shop. The popcorn your probably used to is pretty boring and tasteless right? Well popcorn doesn’t just have to be for movies and it doesn’t have to be boring either as I recently learned when I discovered Joe and Sephs
Joe and Sephs bring a whole new meaning to the word popcorn. Unlike British popcorn which is created using an oil and sugar mix, the popcorn made at Joe&Sephs is air popped from fresh butter giving it a much better flavour and texture. This is also the way Americans make their popcorn and probably why it’s so popular there.
Joe&Sephs popcorn is far from plain or boring they have many delicious, unique and perhaps a little unusual flavours of popcorn all of which can be seen on their website here. Everything from caramels, fruity, chocolate, cheesy, savoury and many more tempting flavours available both in pouches and gifts.
As it’s nearly Valentines day; Joe&Sephs have introduced two mouth watering flavours ahead of the big day. One for him and one for her.

First is the charmingly smooth Caramel Macchiato with scotch whiskey (for him) this popcorn has the flavour of a rich smooth coffee infused with a whiskey liqueur. It’s nothing like eating them awful coffee chocolates which everyone hates. The coffee taste isn’t overpowering and the texture of this air popped corn is very light and soft it almost melts in your mouth.
The second half of this Valentine duo (for her) is the rather seductive and fruity Caramel, White chocolate and strawberry

It’s lip smacking delicious, sweet, soft and creamy dreamy just like your valentines day should be. I literally had a tingle up my spine when I tried this as it’s just so nice. Fruity yet creamy like strawberries and cream with chocolate and What girl doesn’t like Strawberries and chocolate after all. The caramel gives it the extra creamy melting taste too.
These popcorn pieces are so generous in size too with no tiny messy crumbs hanging around. Just look how large they are.

The Valentine flavours are just heavenly. They would make a delicious alternative treat to the usual chocs and flowers too.
I think eating the flavours together makes a perfect combination. You get the fruity chocolate with a creamy caramel coffee and a naughty bit of whiskey included when you eat one flavour after another making them a perfect “Love Match”.


Of course it won’t be Valentines day for long so maybe a few of their best selling flavours might tickle your tastebuds instead such as
Mature Irish Cheddar

This popcorn is a savoury blend and the flavour actually reminds me a little of those tasty cheesy puffs in would eat as a child but with a more cheesy tang to it. Again it’s very soft and almost melts in your mouth and like the other flavours; very addictive.

Salted Caramel

I was very happy to try out this flavour. Being that I love anything that’s salted caramel. This did not disappoint and sure lives up to the delicious salted caramel flavour I love. Not over powering with salt but just right.
The pouches of popcorn cost just Β£4.00 for 110g bag. The popcorn is sealed in a resealable pouch and stats fresh as it can be closed and reopened
as needed.
Trust me this is nothing like the popcorn you have tried before in the UK. You have to try it to believe just how good it really is. Once you try this you will just want more and more. It’s very addictive and hard to resist.
If your spending the night in this Valentines day then grab yourself some of Joe&Sephs and share some popcorn Love.


  1. lowri earith
    February 8, 2014 / 12:27

    i got a big tub of this for christmas! It is amazing x

  2. Sally Henry
    February 18, 2014 / 15:33

    I think I need to try some of this popcorn!

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