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Milton has been used in hospitals and homes for over 60 years and has a fascinating history.
Originally, the Milton solution was used in the First World War as a disinfectant. It was taken into the trenches to treat burns to the skin, as well as the effects of gas and chemical attacks.
The Milton Pharmaceutical Company was founded in 1916 and the products take their name from the famous poet John Milton (1608-1674), author of Paradise Lost.
After the First World War, Milton continued to be used as a general antiseptic, disinfectant and food preservative, as well as being used widely in surgical procedures in hospital.
During the late 1940′s there was a widespread outbreak of gastroenteritis, which led to the death of 4,500 babies under the age of 1 year*. The outbreak was traced back to poorly cleaned baby feeding equipment.
At that time, the only way to sterilise bottles was to boil them for a few minutes in a saucepan, and the Ministry of Health approached the manufacturers of Milton to develop a safe and easy way to sterilise baby equipment. It was then that the Milton Method was born and it has been credited with saving many babies lives over the years.
The Milton Method is still widely accepted by hospitals as a superior sterilisation method to boiling and is supported by extensive clinical research and data. Over 90 years of extensive use are evidence that Milton is not just easy and convenient, but also highly effective and reliable.
Milton website
Milton care about babies and hygiene and have a range of popular much needed sterilisers and sterilising products suitable from birth upwards.

Milton Combi Steriliser

The combi steriliser gives you two options to sterilise – cold water method using milton sterilising tablets ( which are included in box )
This method takes 15 minutes
Or the microwave method which is what I used for my children and this takes from 2 to 6 minutes depending on microwave power
It’s so easy to use , the unit is very spacious and easily held my 6 wide neck bottles plus teats , lids and a few spoons too. For older babies like Izebella it can be used for cups and feeding utensils.
Simply pop items in with 200ml of cold water , in microwave for few minutes and all done
It has a innovative pop up safety vent which allows some pressure to form inside combi . When enough steam is generated the vent pops up to release pressure
this means more heat is created inside and therefore better sterilisation and protection for baby .
Contents stay sterile for 24 hours unopened or kept in sterilising solution .
It is spill free and has a strong carry handle for portability

Aswell as this very handy Combi Steriliser to use whilst at home; Milton also have a Solo Travel Steriliser

20140128-114625.jpg. This product works in exactly the same way as the Combibut it’s smaller and compact making it easier to put in a bag and take with you. You can also use this both as a microwave or cold water steriliser.

20140128-114749.jpg this product will hold one bottle and therefore suitable for short trips away.

Mini Portable Soother Steriliser

Most mums will agree just how annoying it can be when little ones throw their dummies on a dirty floor and scream until you give them back. Floors carry so many germs and it can be hard when out and about to clean dummies. I had never heard of the soother steriliser before and think it’s a great idea. This steriliser is very small and easy to fit in a handbag. They come in a choice of colours too.

To use you just need to prepare the solution using mini sterilising tablets which can be purchased very cheaply. Then insert soother and wait 15 minutes and then it’s fine to give back to baby without rinsing.

As well as the sterilisers above. Milton sell a range of useful cleaning products which include antibacterial surface spray,surface wipes and hand gel meaning you can keep your surfaces and hands clean and germ free. The sterilising tablets can also be purchased at low cost.

Milton products can be found in most major supermarkets and stores such as Boots and Superdrug and also be purchased at many on line retailers. Prices vary throughout different stores but all seem to be very inexpensive.

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