Get Well Friends

I’d like to introduce a very special mouse named Nurse Nibbles.

Dressed in her nurse uniform and first aid bag in hand she runs the Get Well friends hospital looking after lots of poorly or injured animals such as this clumsy little zebra named Zoe.

Zoe tripped over a tortoise and hurt her leg. She went to see Nurse Nibbles who bandaged her up and gave her a special prescription in hand which says Zoe needs lots of love to get better.

Now Zoe the zebra needs looking after by her little human friends. Ryan, Jordanna and Izebella. As well as all the other cute Get Well Friends

So you may now be wondering exactly what or who these loveable characters are! The Get Well Friends are the creation of award winning children’s author Kes Gray. The characters are designed and illustrated by British illustrator Mary Mcquillan.
Kes and Mary together created a selection of books and toys called the Get well friends a loveable cute collection of characters who have had accidents or aren’t feeling too well and all need lots of love and care.
There are lots of friendly animal characters in the collection. Many of them come both as a soft toy and with their own book telling a story of his they got hurt. Each soft toy also comes with it’s own prescription in a little tube from Nurse Nibbles explaining how to make them better. These cute characters will appeal to children young and old and even the youngest children like Izebella will enjoy being read the books.

I’d now like to introduce some of the other characters who also need some t.l.c to feel better.
First is Cassie the Cat

20140130-105340.jpg Cassie is a chubby ginger cat and poor Cassie crashed into a wall whilst chasing mice and now has a sore nose. Poor Cassie!
Pepe the Puppy has big long ears and tripped over them. He wants to be like the grown up dogs but now he has a sore paw and sore ear.

A poor little Penguin named Pedro is in a very bad way after trying to dive through the ice without breaking it first. Don’t you just feel sorry for him.

This is Giselle a silly giraffe who thought she could give a huge elephant a piggy back and now she can’t walk.

Momo the monkey he crashed into a tree.

This is Chesney the Cheetah and in his book you will discover that he is training for the Cheetah championship race but unfortunately whilst racing his spots fell off.


My children are really enjoying the Get Well friends collection of exciting story books and very cute soft toys all with their own little prescription. It’s lots of fun unwrapping the individual prescriptions and seeing what Nurse Nibbles prescribed each one. The books and toys together means great story interaction for little ones and explaining why the teddies all have bandages or plasters on.


The teddies can also be played with together and an idea would be to perhaps build a little hospital setting using cardboard boxes which Jordanna is currently in the process of making.
We all really enjoy this collection. The books are fun, bright and colourful and not too difficult to read. There are lots of well illustrated pictures and children will beable to point out their soft toy in the books too. There are many other injured characters which appear in the books too.

The toys start at Β£11.99 and can be bought together with the characters book at a discount price. To see which characters and books are available to purchase please visit Get Well Friends website.
We are currently giving lots of love and care to help our new friends Get Well soon.

Get Well Friends characters have the happiest of homes in the Great Ormond Street gift shop, helping to provide company and comfort for many Great Ormond Street patients.
Cassie the Cat is the unofficial mascot of the Children’s Acute Transport Service. Cassie is given free by the CATS charity to all seriously ill children transported to specialist hospitals by CATS’ specialist ambulance fleet.

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    Aww! How lovely!! They look so sweet!!

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