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I’m getting rather addicted to these subscription services and my latest one has to be one of the best foodie subscriptions I have so far sampled. This one is Bonjour French Food it works similar to other subscription boxes in that you pay monthly and receive a lovely box full of surprise goodies. You can of course cancel any time. The service starts at Β£29 a month.
Bonjour French is all about French food and new tastes. If you think French food is all about snails and frogs legs then your wrong. They have some delicious tasty products which are difficult to find in the UK.
The foods are curated and selected in France before being shipped to the UK. Each month will bring a different selection of approximatly six gourmet French products each time and the products will always be worth more than what you pay for the subscription each time.
You can view previous boxes here to get an idea of the type of products in the boxes. I have found there is a mixture of sweet and savoury items.

The products come in a little box with plenty of packaging and items individually wrapped in tissue paper. It looked like a little posh hamper. I had no idea what was inside and enjoyed unwrapping the lovely treats.

As the products are all from France you may struggle to know what they are unless of course you speak fluent French. A guide is included explaining what each and every one of the items are.
This months box contained the following products.

Chocolat Blanc Saveur Violette which translates to violet flavoured white chocolate. I had never tried violet chocolate. It’s aroma was certainly a delight and needless to say this chocolate was gone quite quickly.

Terrine de Canard A La Sauge et la Ciboulette which translates to Duck terrine with sage and chive. Terrine is similar to a pΓ’tΓ© but much thicker and judging by the ingredients on the back (in French) it also contains pork as well as duck. After googling a few ideas on what to do with it I found it best with crackers or French baguette slices.

Sirop de Menthe is of course Mint Syrup (why does it always sound better the French way?) I have not got around to using this yet but it has a good shelf life and will keep until the end of 2015. It’s made from fresh aromatic plants and is part of the Eloide syrup range. It has many uses. It can be added to water and drunk or used to make a mint cocktail. Also used for cooking and baking or drizzling over cakes.

Coing Thym Romarin is Quince Thyme rosemary. It’s a sweet treat by fruit expert Favlos. It’s best eaten with cheese and especially the blue salty types. This has a sweet herby taste and apparently brings out the flavours of recommended cheeses.

Romarin Enrobe de Chocolat Blanc which translates as Rosemary coated white chocolate. They are from the Bovetti factory and are little pieces of white chocolate infused with rosemary to give a rather unique and distinct taste. They can be added to desserts or simply eaten from the jar.

Saucisson aux Herbes de Provence – Dried sausage coated with herbs. This was quite a surprise and I have to admit I did not have a clue what to do with this nor if it was pre cooked etc. However I simply asked for a little help from the lovely staff at Bonjour French. I was informed it was ready cooked and all I had to do was peel, chop, eat or cook with it. It also keeps for a few weeks and the longer it matures the better it tastes. Or so I’m told. It can be used with pasta or in sandwiches, salads or basically anything else you can come up with and has a lovely strong taste to it. Again very herby being coated with herbs.

I really enjoyed my French foods. This is a very pleasant and enjoyable subscription box service which is fairly new to the UK. If you love surprises then you will certainly love this. The products come directly from France so it’s unlikely you will have tried them before. I will certainly be ordering another box from Bonjour French
Perhaps a few times per year would be nice to receive one of these boxes full of French Gourmet foods.
The subscription can also be sent as a gift and there is no obligation to buy a box every time.

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