Beech’s Fine Chocolates: Chocolate Brazils

Christmas may be over and new year resolutions made. However mine certainly did not include giving up chocolate at all. I can’t help it, I love the stuff and love trying out new types and new brands.
This post is all about a company named Beech’s Fine Chocolates and to start here’s a little Info and history all about them.
Beech’s Fine Chocolates are based in Preston (not too far from myself) and have been makers of traditional British chocolates since way back in the 1920s. Beech’s has had several owners including some large well known food groups such as Renshaw Scott and Supercook. It’s now owned privately by Andrew Whiting and Robert White.
The chocolates themselves are well renowned for the unique quality and taste and are packaged under Beeches own label. The chocolates are created using natural raw material ingredients and are free from artificial colours and flavours. The products are also suitable for both vegans and vegetarians.
Beech’s are UTZ certified which stands for sustainable farming and ensures better working conditions and opportunities for farmers and there families. Beech’s aim is to be using 100% UTZ chocolate.

Chocolate Brazils
The first delicious treats I have been lucky enough to sample are these Chocolate Brazil Nuts they are an absolute must for all those chocolate but lovers out there.

They come in a choice of milk or dark chocolate and several different box sizes. The smallest box is 90g then 140g, 260g and huge 1700g boxes. All different sizes perfect for a variety of occasions. Eating alone, couples, families, large groups etc. perfect for giving, sharing or keeping them all to yourself.
The Brazil nuts used in these fine chocolates are whole nuts and shipped straight from South America. The Brazil nuts are of highest quality and not panned like many others currently on sale. Each nut benefits from a double layer of thick chocolate. The nuts are then inspected individually prior to being packaged in a protective sleeving inside the box.

The chocolate on the nuts is very thick. I found I had to bite through a very thick layer before reaching the but inside. The nuts are very generous in size giving a generous mouthful of chocolate and crunchy nut each time.

I can’t decide if I prefer the milk or the dark ones. They both taste equally delicious and they are perfect for just sitting down at night with a hot drink, telly on and just tucking into a few. The nuts taste really fresh and smooth and a great quality to them.
These have to be the best chocolate coated nut products I have tried both for their size and taste and I especially enjoy the thickness of the chocolate.

The boxes start at Β£2.99 for the smaller box and increase slightly with size. If you are after a nice family treat or perhaps want to cheer someone up who enjoys this type of product then I would highly recommend trying these. Everyone who I invited to try them loved them.

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