Sky Dancer dolls

Jordanna is a real girly girl who loves pink, princesses, dolls and fairies. I always think there is so much more choice when it comes to girls toys. Character Options latest little girls toys are called Sky Dancers

Sky Dancers are beautiful fairy like dolls with huge wings and and come with a flower launch pod.

There are four different dolls in the collection and Jordannas Sky Dancer is named Jasmine. She has a pretty face and bright colourful hair of red and yellow shades.

Sky Dancers don’t need batteries or adaptors and cost Β£14.99 making it a relatively cheap toy.
The pretty Sky Dancer Jasmine sits on her flower pod. On the flower pod is a butterfly cord which Jordanna can easily pull.

When the cord is pulled the Sky Dancer doll will spin and take off into the air. She can reach up to 3 metres and will gracefully twist and flap her wings as she goes.

The Sky Dancer is an easy fun toy to use. It’s very simple with a doll and a pod. It did however take us quite a lot of practice to get the doll to actually fly. The first few attempts it just spun and fell but eventually we got it to fly a little.

It’s a case of pulling the cord at the right speed, not too fast and not too slow and holding the flower pod and dancer up and away at arms length. Not too close to your face or the dancer will probably hit you when taking off.

The toy is aimed at little girls aged five and over and Jordanna being six is a perfect age.

We have not seen the doll fly 3 metres but apparently it can so we will have to practice more. I think this toy is definitely suited better to outside given that it needs lots of space to fly. I think it would be great for Summer months I can imagine little girls being at a garden party or barbecue and constantly letting this doll fly up and away.

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