Our Perfect CentreParcs family day

We have not had a proper holiday for quite a while and with just moving house plus numerous other financial problems it’s just not been possible.
I am therefore taking part in the Centre Parcs and tots 100 January Challenge in the good to win a short stay at Centre Parcs.
First if I had a choice of Parc to spend the day at it would probably be Sherwood Forest. I pick this not because of Robin Hood but because my brother and my nephew live close to it and I have not seen them for over a year so it would be nice to see them too.
I would try and go for the day in the Summer months in the hope of a nice warm sunny day as there is nothing worse than being stuck in on holiday because of rain.
I would first take my children to some of the activities such as for Izebella messy play or toddler dance whilst Ryan and Jordanna could go to thd older activities without me such as Tasty treats or pyjama party. Teddy bear making or cheerleading which Jordanna would love.
Afterwards onto some sports perhaps try archery or even canoes if the weather was nice. If raining there are plenty of sports and things to do inside Centre Parcs such as dance, art ,bowling, table tennis and even roller skating tho little Izzy isn’t quite ready for roller skates just yet.
The. We would dine at the many food establishments centre Parcs have.

After eating perhaps go to a tournament such as five a side football and then hire some family bikes and go for a nice ride through the massive woods.
After all that excitement I would like to go get pampered with some nice Aqua Sana spa treatments. Massage, manicure and spa.
On the competition entry page are several family videos to watch which show other families experiences of Centre Parcs and it was most inspired by one called Children of all ages as that’s what I have. 3 children of varying ages plus I’m a big kid myself at heart.
This is my entry to the Center Parcs and Tots 100 January challenge. If I’m chosen, I would like to visit (Sherwood Forrest)’.


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