Chuppi (Jordannas night time friend)

Moving house can be stressful and strange for children. Jordanna in the past has been known to have nightmares and slight night terrors plus she sometimes sleepwalks and has recently had a lot of changes- first a new house with a new bedroom and also a new school.
Ryan is fine and settled in his new room well. Izebella is still in with me for now and sometimes Jordanna gets a little scared and lonely in her big room.
One day along came this funny looking character called Chuppi from a company called Mathmos.
When Chuppi arrived she looked like a strange white alien creature perched on a pod.

Chuppi has arms and legs and was sat on her pod but Chuppi had no face. “Why doesn’t she have a face” asks little Jordanna? Well the reason Chuppi has no face is because Chuppi needs a special human friend to make a face for her.
So what is Chuppi and what does she do?
Chuppi is a customisable art toy aswell as being a wireless colour changing light. Chuppi comes with two sheets of stickers which Jordanna used to make Chuppis face how she wanted. The stickers include eyes, mouths and lots of other things to customise your own Chuppi.

The pod Chuppi sits on as in the photograph is actually the charging base. Parents can charge Chuppi up and the red light indicates charging. Once Chuppi is charged children can use Chuppi as a very pretty night light without any batteries or plugs. The colours are very bright and give an amazing glow when the lights are out. The colours will change on their own every few seconds or can be changed by pressing the button on the underside of Chuppi.

Here are some pictures I took of Chuppi before she got given her face and the amazing colours she produces.

The button on the underside also acts as a timer function. When the timer is on Chuppi is set to automatically fade down after 30 minutes. If timer is not set then Chuppi will stay on for up to six hours on a full charge.
Now it’s time to see both Jordanna and Miss Chuppi in action with the lights out.

Chuppi has beautiful colours and the colours all seem to blend into one another as they change giving some lovely bright glowing effects. Colours of red, pink, purple, green, yellow, blue can be seen. It can also be turned off by pressing the bottom button a few times too if not needed on. I should add that Chuppi can also be male too there are plenty of stickers included to make Chuppi your own and into whatever you want to.

Chuppi costs Β£30. It came with charger and both a 3 pin and 2 pin adaptor. Therefore if I was going on a holiday say to Spain I could take Chuppi with me as the adaptors are interchangeable.
The Chuppi light is suitable for children of all ages as a night light but for safety reasons the included stickers should only be used by children ages over 3 years.
I am sure Chuppi will make a great night time companion for little Jordanna and maybe make her feel a little more secure in her bedroom.
To purchase your own Chuppi head to Mathmos.
Chuppi is designed by Mathmos in collaboration with brilliant Sheffield based designers TADO. Mike and Katie of TADO have worked with Nike, MTV, Puma, Adidas, Vodafone, Elle Magazine, Star Wars, McDonald’s, Microsoft’s Zune, and Kidrobot. They produce graphics, animation, web design, designer toys and customized cars.

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