Aurora lights projector

Ryan and Jordanna were recently sent an Aurora projector from Gift Oasis. It costs Β£26.89 and kids will be amazed by the amazing light show in their home.
An Aurora is a natural light show in the sky. It’s most often seen in the Arctic and Antarctic regions but is partially viewable in other locations at certain times of the year.
The Aurora Borealisis often refereed to as the Northern lights and can be seen over Norway, Canada and even much closer places such as the isle of Skye. The Aurora Australis is known as the Southern lights and can be viewed in parts of Australia.
Viewing an actual Aurora can be difficult. With this projector children can view what an Aurora is like in their home.
The gadget itself is really very simple.

It consists of the light base with a removable lid and two discs.

The projector works off 3AA batteries or a charger which isn’t included. However my kids have lots of toys which need chargers and have one that fits the projector.
The discs have different patterns on them and slot easily into the base.

Then we simply press the big silver button and it’s on. No parts to build or put together and it’s small enough to store away when not needed.
The projector can be placed flat orz angled using the stands beneath it.
To get the best effects we found we had to turn the lights out completely and either close the curtains or wait until it’s dark.

The results were quite spectacular with a beautiful array of colours on our wall and ceiling.


The disc rotates in the projector and scrolls through a colour sequence to give eight different colour modes. The colours can manually scrolled through too simply by pressing the button.


My kids love it. We have a large dinette where they normally put music on and they love switching on the projector like their own mini disco. The projector would make a nice night light too and has an auto shut off feature.
It comes with a booklet explaining more about Auroras and wage causes them. The projector is suitable for ages 6 and over, however younger children will also be amazed by the amazing lights. Izebella certainly is and she is only one.


  1. Anonymous
    January 11, 2014 / 02:05

    Looks cool. I might get one to go with the bath led lights to complete the ultimate relaxation room.

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