Christmas Eve finally here

We are currently say watching Santa Clause 3. Kids are very hyper today awaiting Santas arrival at some point in the early hours of tomorrow morning and I can’t wait to see their little faces. Let’s hope Santa brings them what they wished for.
Izebella is still too young to realise tho I’m sure she will have a smile on her little face this time tomorrow opening her presents. She is full of a cold at the moment which she has had for a few days so I’m hoping she feels a little better as today goes on. She certainly seems a little more herself today with shouting and jumping all over.

I know of many people who still haven’t got all of any of their Christmas presents/shopping yet and are actually venturing out into town centres today. I couldn’t do that the crowds and the heat would really get to me and I’d probably come back empty handed. No I’m the total opposite and started my Christmas present shopping back in July and by October was more or less done. I’m glad I did too as I also had to move house a few weeks back which was quite stressful and expensive.
So this will be our first Christmas in our nice new, warmer house. My older children Ryan and Jordanna will at some point tomorrow be going to their dads for a few hours. They get so many things having so many family members here and there.
Anyway we are all looking forward to tomorrow and wish you all a very Merry Christmas whatever you may be doing.


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