Annoyed with Royal Mail

Why is Royal Mail such a let down and especially around Christmas time? Okay so I know they are very busy at this time but it’s their job and one which they applied for.
Firstly we ordered some gifts from the Perfume shop. When tracking on Thursday the Royal Mail site said the parcel had been delivered. However I was in all day except obvious school run times and it did not arrive nor was there a card of attempted delivery. So now we had to fill out a form for the perfume shop and I think it’s unlikely we will get replacement gifts or a refund before Christmas.
I have tried and tried to phone the Bolton sorting office but it just rings and rings and eventually goes dead, no one answers and online there are numerous complaints about Calvin at office.
I can only assume one of the following.
1) it’s been taken to the wrong house
2) postman left it in garden and it’s gone
3) postman stole it

Another annoyance. My brother sent a package to Izebella. I assumed like most would that it would arrive today or maybe Tuesday. But oh no yesterday I return home to find a while you were out card. Yes on a Bloody Sunday! Since when do they work on a Sunday. Not only that but rather than doing the sensible thing and leaving with a neighbour they return to the office 4 miles away leavings no way of getting it in time for Christmas.
I went online to book a redelivery thinking it would be Tuesday (48 hours after all) but no they can’t deliver until Friday so yet another Christmas let down.
Sorry but Royal Mail are a joke and I’m a very peed off person at the min.




  1. December 23, 2013 / 11:18

    Have you checked your wheelie bins for parcels….My postman is a pest for leaving parcels in the bin and leaving no card!! What a let down!!

    • December 23, 2013 / 11:20

      Yes done all that, checked bins and with neighbours, been onto them this morning and apparently they sending out replacements by special delivery. Whether they do or not is another thing

  2. victoria thurgood
    December 24, 2013 / 01:12

    what a nightmare i received an empty small brown envelope on Saturday which had been sellotaped up it was delivered by my local royal-mail van driver i asked him about it today he told me he posted it. so somewhere along the way its been opened and the person didn’t even have the sense to throw it away i don’t think i will every find out what was in it πŸ™

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