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I’d never heard of vinyl wall stickers before. I probably would of assumed they were something to do with pop stars. However I couldn’t be more wrong; vinyl wall stickers are actually a great alternative to wallpaper. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours and hundreds of patterns and designs.
Over at Spin Collective you will be spoilt for choice with the amount of different designs available.
The wall stickers are made from high quality Matt vinyl and perfect for any room. They are very easy to apply and are also easily removed when needed. However they also stay put too without peeling off.
The wall stickers are an excellent idea as they take the hassle out of decorating. For instance I could just paint my daughters room white or pink and perhaps apply something such as Butterfly wall stickers
There are even large stickers such as height charts and children names. The stickers arent just limited to children rooms tho. There is a wide variety for all other the house, business etc as they can be placed anywhere.
I was sent some stickers to try out. Of course being Christmas there is also a lovely festive range too.

I have just moved house and leaving my decorating until after Christmas as I simply don’t have time to do it. These festive stickers came at a great time to help me cover up my bare walls. The Christmas tree above was so easy to apply. It has a fabric texture and peels off easily to allow for re positioning. It comes in two sizes and looks great at Christmas time. As does this very sweet deer wall sticker.

This one is on a wall I recently stripped and so looks quite bare. The cute red deer seems to make it look a little more interesting. The Deer sticker measures 50x60cm and comes in a choice of many other colours too.
There are many other beautiful Christmas designs available.
After new year when I get a around to decorating. I will certainly be purchasing some lovely kids stickers for their bedrooms.

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