Luxury Festive Stocking at Sophie Allport

Sophie Allport is a British Designer who specialises in fine contemporary stylish home furnishing products and runs her family-run business from Lincolnshire. Her products include many beautiful items such as fabrics, bone china, oil cloth and stationary to name a few.
In time for the festive season: Sophie Allport has created a range of products with a stag theme. One of the stag items is this luxury and very beautiful stocking.

The stocking is certainly different from the usual red and white santa looking ones you can find in shops. This one has a very unique and traditional design and has that slight old fashioned Christmas look to it.

The stag design shows several stags and deers with cute baby fawns all the way round it with snow falling down. The colour is olive grey and this will certainly stand out amongst the other Christmas decorations should you choose to hang it up.

Alternatively it could be filled with gifts and places under the tree or in child’s bedroom Christmas morning.
The stocking also features a striped design at the top and a hanging loop. It is fairly generous in size measuring 60cms in height and 21.5 cm at the opening allowing a fair few medium sized gifts to fit in.

I will be hanging mine up when I finally get around to putting my tree up.

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