Haribo Festive treats

Back in October I did a post on Haribos Halloween treats. Well now it seems Haribo are at it again with the introduction of their fantastic festive sweet ranges.

These tasty sweets are sure to be a big hit with the little ones and even the big kids this year.
First and sure to go down well when my relatives pay a visit is this huge Haribo Party Time Tub

20131204-195305.jpg. It contains 24 packs of Haribo sweets plus a pack containing some games, stickers and invites and therefore the perfect price for any Christmas party.
Igloo Friends box is a blue box decorated with festive figures such as Santa and snowmen. Inside are 13 bags of Christmas themed gums and jellies and also pop out characters and stickers. I think something like this would be a very good stocking filler. After all Christmas is a time when kids can get away with eating sweets.

Haribo Gift Tubes come in 3 varieties. Starmix, Tangfastics and the new Chamallows.

Chamallows are Marshmallows both mini and in the shape of flowers and they still have the same sweet delicious taste of Haribos.
The gift tubes contain 120g of sweets.
Stars and Santas are in packets and again would make excellent stocking fillers. I always put things like these in a small stocking in my children’s bedrooms. The packets would also be good prizes for Christmas party games.

20131204-200418.jpg. The packets contain colourful Santas and stars and look very festive.
Haribo Christmas Mix Tub. A 450g plastic tub packed full of juicy fruit flavour and sweet foam gums in all sorts of shapes. I think I will be putting this tub out on my Christmas table for those little hands to dig in to as they wish.

I don’t let my kids eat lots of sweets throughout the year. Infact they hardly eat that many. However it’s Christmas and a time to let kids be kids and have fun. As long as they brush their teeth.
Haribo has something for everyone this Christmas be it kids, stocking fillers, gifts or party prizes. Haribo products are available in supermarkets and will probably be found on the special festive themed aisles.

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