Hue Animation: Moshi Monsters

Most kids love television and are curious about how programmes are made and created. With Hue Animation children can be the creator of their own fabulous little animated movies and have lots of fun.
The kits contain everything children need to create and make. Inside the kit is modelling clay to create little characters. A plug n play HD camera which comes in various bright colours. The camera features a flexible neck and can be bent into numerous positions for the perfect any place shots. Software is also included plus ready made scenery back drops and instructions.
Despite a few negative reviews on line actually found the software easy to install without any problems. I’m running windows 8. I found the camera very flexible and also easy to use.
The first thing to do was to make some figures. There are five different kits to choose from and kids have the Moshi Movies. Ryan and Jordanna set to work making some Moshi Monster f figures and “well” a few other strange looking things alongside.


Once figures are created and the scenery is set up its time to use the bendy camera to make our movie.
The camera takes still pictures and appear on the computer screen. After taking one it will then appear as a ghost image on the screen. This allows the children to then place the models in different poses. You keep taking still pictures after altering the models and can put them in different places, move their arms about etc.
The camera also features a built in microphone which once the film is complete allows you to read out a story, say words or add music to lay over the video.
Unfortunately I’m not yet able to add videos to my blog posts (defiantly something I’m considering for future) I will be uploading a video to You Tube at some point so will return to post it. However there are already several videos which other Hue animation users have posted.
The program interface looks a little like this.

This is actually the Christmas Trees kit as my laptop started to play up when I attempted a screenshot so I had to get this elsewhere to show you how it looks.
This is a very fun and educational piece of kit. Anyone from age 5 upwards will enjoy this. It’s not just a rainy day toy either infact it will provide weeks of fun if not longer. Ryan and Jordanna keep asking to make new movies. Their are no limits to the creations you can make either. Obviously the kits come with themes but there is no reason why other things can’t be created afterwards and children could even create their own scenery effects too.
The kits have educational and learning benefits such as English skills, concentration, patience, sharing, teamwork, imagination and prop building to name a few.
The kits enable families to create animations in minutes and all without the need for expensive equipment as the kits cost between Β£40-Β£50

Moshi movies kit can be purchased from Hue Shop and Amazon
However I will be giving away one of these amazing Moshi Movies kits as part of my 12 days of Christmas giveaway. This will be on day 9 so please look out for it and enter.

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