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As a mum of three, I like most other parents know how important books can be for young children. In an age where gadgets and technology have literally taken over its important that children are still able to access and read books. In a growing age where children as young as 6 are given mobile phones it’s very sad that some children are still unable to even read the basics.
Although my children also enjoy computers, tablets and gadgets I do ensure they also spend some time each day reading. Be it their school book or books we have at home. Books feed their imaginations aswell as the educational benefits of language skills.
Maverick Books sent my children a selection of books.

Maverick books are really suitable for all ages. Even Izebella really enjoys looking and being read them. They are beautifully illustrated with lots of different colours and very clear pictures. The wording is very easy to read and see with clear bold lettering and not too much on one page. Many of the books have rhymes too making them lots of fun and interactive.

Mrs MacCready was ever so greedy

This is probably Jordannas favourite and about a woman named Mrs MacCready. The story is told in a fun rhyme and about a lady who cannot stop eating and eats absolutely anything. It’s a very funny story.

The Jelly that wouldn’t wobble

Princess Lola’s 89th birthday and she gets very angry with a talking jelly that refuses to wobble. Lots of fun characters with the rather funny/silly elements.

The Pet Itch

Mossy is a strange looking purple monster who wants a pet called an itch. His family try and talk him out of it but Mossy and his older sister have other plans.


The Black and White Club

The Penguins at a wildlife park start a special club where only black and white animals get invited. George the giraffe feels left out so he comes up with his own plan and starts his own club.

Tamara Small and the Monsters Ball

Little Tamara is awake in bed hearing scary noises. She is then taken away by a hairy monster to the monsters annual ball.

20131122-114803.jpg lots of funky monsters in this book. Everything from ghosts, ghouls, werewolves, vampires and more.

The Fearsome Beastie

This book was a winner of the peoples book prize. It’s about a beastie tricking children.


My children love their new books and read them over and over again. A full list of titles can be found in the Maverick Shop and also a selection of toys, puzzles, calendars and greeting cards.

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