Secure Santa’s Secrets this Christmas

Being a blogger means I get to see and try out a whole host of things. Some of them a little strange and unusual. When I was asked to review the Door Jammer I didn’t quite know what to expect. This is certainly quite a strange looking item to say the least.

Hmm you may be asking what it’s all about and what is it for? Well it’s a door jammer as the name states with quite a few uses.
It’s nearly Christmas and the time of year when parents are busy wrapping and sacking up those much wanted gifts and presents. This means those little built in child antennas are homing around the house searching room after room to see what they can find. Listening at night for that all too familiar rustle of wrapping paper knowing mum is busy in her room wrapping up their gifts. Well it’s time to keep them out with the Door Jammer. This handy device fits under most internal doors and acts as an early warning stopping the little angels (or devils) from spoiling the surprise. The Door Jammer jams the door shut and secures it until it’s removed.

Door Jammer is the idea of an American- Mexican inventor and a British engineering company. The idea came about through a stay in a rather dodgy Mexican hotel with a dubious door lock and hence sleepless night. The Door Jammer also acts as a innovative travel gadget and was originally designed as a privacy and security gadget for hotels, hostels and generally staying away from home and is designed to give peace of mind for the owner.

Door Jammer would therefore also make a great unique gift perhaps to someone travelling alone or youngsters on gap years. Also tenants in shared accommodation may find this gadget handy for privacy especially in bathrooms and bedrooms. It could also be for family use on holidays and unfamiliar surroundings.
Door Jammer is not huge in size and it’s quite light and compact and will easily fit in bags. It weighs approximately 250g. A space of 5mm is needed under a door to fit this and it fits under so easily. When not needed you simply lift it up and away and store it away. It’s made from aluminium die castings with threaded steel adjustment foot. It comes in a handy black storage bag and boxed. It costs just Β£24.99 approx and will last a lifetime.

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