Five Bouncy Bunnies CD

Izebella may only be one year old but already loves her music. As soon as she hears a catchy theme tune or advert on tv she will happily start bopping away in time to the music. If I play her any sort of dance music she seems to go wild and start headbanging which is quite funny.
Music Bug Toyshop sent her over a lovely little CD called Five Bouncy Bunnies which is also waft is featured on its front cover – five colourful bouncy bunnies.
Obviously Izebella has no idea what a CD is yet nor how to use one but this CD features lots of songs and nursery rhymes that appeal to babies, toddlers and young children. Some of them are well known old favourites and some I have never heard of before.
Hello Music Bugs
Five Little Peas
Over In The Meadow
Everybody Do This
Five Currant Buns
Two Fat Gentlemen
Spider On My Toe
Five Bouncy Bunnies
Twirl Your Scarf Around
Old Macdonald
There Was A Tree
Hickory Dickory Dock
Open Shut Them
Goodbye Music Bugs

The songs are all interactive and we have lots of fun clapping hands and showing Izebella the actions. Some of them involve using fingers such as five currant buns and others involve tickling or just bouncing on knee.

The CD comes packaged in an Eco friendly cardboard sleeve with a booklet to show all the words and suggested actions/adaptions. The CD is lots of fun and costs just Β£8
Music Bugs are one of the UKs leading providers of preschool music and movement classes for the under 5s. Their Music Bugs Toy Shop sells lots of props and resources they use in their classes.

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