A big yellow box arrived at our door a few days ago. It was packed full of squidgy Soreen goodies.
Soreen products are healthy and nutritious and low in fat and suitable for all the family.

Soreen began 75 years ago and is most famous for its Malt Loaf. Original Malt loaf is made from a unique secret recipe it’s packed full of carbohydrates and therefore is also a great source of energy. It can be eaten alone or with butter or jams or any other spread.

Since introducing their Malt loaf, Soreen have also introduced a whole host of other delicious products. I was more than happy to receive some to try.
Banana loaf is a tasty alternative to Malt loaf and does not contain dried fruit. Instead it’s packed full of scrumptious bananas whist still retaining the squidginess of the malt loaf.

Cinnamon and raisin has a slight festive edge to it. It’s packed with juicy raisins and has a nice rich taste to it.

Soreen Snack is like a Soreen sandwich. Two slices of malt loaf already pre buttered and wrapped. A great healthy alternative to chocolate and good for lunch boxes or just while on the move.

Another good lunch box product are the Lunchbox loaves.

20131113-213830.jpg five mini malt or banana bars to a packet which are government lunchbox approved. Just the right size for children and full of energy whilst low in fats.
For Breakfast or supper there is the Toastie Loaf. It is slices of Soreen shaped just like bread which simply pops in the toaster. It can then be buttered and add jams or spreads if that’s your thing. Great for a nice warm supper too or any time of the day.

There are many other tasty Soreen products to choose from too and most can be found in major supermarkets or shops.

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