Perilla Alpaca socks

Alpaca are members of the Camelid family and cousins of Llama. They reside in the high mountains of the Andes. Their fleece can cope with extreme harsh conditions of their enviroment.

Perilla are passionate about alpaca and produce luxury alpaca socks including country socks, skiing socks and socks for children.

The children’s socks are avaliable in 3 colours. They are designed to keep feet warm and dry in the winter months.The socks contain high insulating properties with hollow fibres. They are lightweight whilst being very warm at the same times. Alpaca is smoother than wool and does not prickle like some wooly clothes tend to.
Alpaca is also hypoallergenic and ideal for young children or those with sensitive skin. It is naturally breathable and the antibacterial fibres mean they naturally repel bacteria and odour meaning these socks can actually be worn for weeks without washing. I haven’t put this to the test yet tho.
This makes them perfect for long distance walkers or sports people or those travelling who would find it difficult to constantly change socks.
My kids tell me the socks are very warm and comfortable and also a good alternative to slippers around the house. I think these will come in very handy when we move too.
These socks would make nice stocking fillers. After all everyone gets socks for Christmas and there are lots of adult socks to choose from too.


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