Look at my Furry Boots!

Izebella was recently asked by Daisy Roots to choose a pair of shoes. She was so excited and immediately went online to look.
Ok she’s only one year old and I think I was more excited about choosing her shoes for her.

Daisy Roots is a leading designer and UK brand of baby, toddler and young childrens shoes and baby gifts. They are sold all over the world and made using soft safe chrome free tanned leathers for warmth and comfort for tiny feet. The shoes are made from birth to 4 years and include slippers and boots aswell as adorable shoes for both boys and girls. So many different designs and colours to choose from I just wanted to buy them all.
Izebella is now 13 months and not walking by herself yet but walks around furniture. Therefore she does not yet need real shoes but just something to keep her little feet warm and safe especially now it’s a bit colder. I decided on these adorable Furry Boots in leopard print.

The boots cost Β£20 and arrived quickly in a cute little bag. I got the 12-18 months and when I first saw them I thought they looked too big. However when I put them on her feet they are actually quite a good snug fit leaving a bit of growing room too and they don’t easily fall off either (unless she pulls them off).

On the bottom is an anti slip sole and they are fleece lined and feel very warm and cosy. They look so cute on her too I think.

Izebella seems to like having them on and when she does start walking (hopefully soon) they will be great as house slippers.

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