My Little Star baby products

Superdrug have introduced a new line of baby products called My Little Star. The range includes essential baby products from birth upwards at low cost. The collection features a fun design with lots of cute animals featured on the products.
I was very surprised when this large box arrived at my door.

It was packed full of very useful My Little star products. This box is something that would be a very useful gift for a pregnant or new mum. Great for baby showers.

All of these products were inside and Izebella seemed very amused by this box and even helped unpack it.

First were a pack of nappies which start from newborn size upwards and like most other brands have the 1-5 sizing system. They are good quality nappies with no leaks so far and size 5 fit Izebella perfectly. The nappies are a very good price of Β£3.89:
baby wipes come in both fragranced and unfragranced. I personally prefer fragranced with the nice smells. The wipes are just 79p per packet.
Toiletries baby top to teo wash – great for baths and daily scrubs. baby oil great for nourishing dry skin as is the baby lotion. There are other toiletries to add to your collection and they start from 99p.

Pure Petroleum jelly acts as a barrier cream against nappy rash which Izebella tends to get with teething and again is just 99p.
Cotton wool balls have a multitude of uses and these cotton wool safety buds are different to the usual ones. There shape prevents them from being put too far down ears or little noses.

In the box was also a bottle of sterilising fluid and some new mum nipple cream. As Izebella is now a little older (one year) I will be passing these on to a pregnant mum I know. These are both useful new baby items as everything needs sterilising when they are born and obviously breast feeding mums need the nipple cream.
I found the Little Star Products really good value. They are very cheap to buy yet smell lovely and are just as good as other more well known baby products out there. If I was a new mum again I would defiantly consider buying these.


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