Indulge yourself with Tesco’s Finest range

Tesco is like my local shop. It is five minute walk away and I’m always in there looking for new products to make delicious meals.
Tesco’s finest range has been around for a while. They have recently introduced many new lines in time for Christmas. There are far too many products to be naming but the Finest range caters for everyone and everything be it meats, vegetables, condiments, desserts and pretty much most other food items. The finest range are foods with that added bit of luxury which don’t cost the earth.

So I decided to take myself off shopping and try out the finest range. The first thing I chose was a juicy Lamb Carvery Leg Joint I hasn’t tried lamb for a while and thought it would make a great alternative to what we normally have.

The joint looked a little smaller than what I thought but cooked easy enough and didn’t shrink down much in size. The leaf tasted delicious and succulent.

I added some Rosemary roast potatoes and a helping of Finest Lamb Gravy plus a few other trimmings and the meal was for for a king and all for under Β£15. Which served all four of us with lamb left over.
Our second meal consisted of delicious Rump Steaks these obviously come in different sizes and are so big and filling.

20131112-180043.jpg. There are many ways to cook steak. I usually shallow fry with a tiny amount of oil.
Steak can be eaten with anything. This time I chose jacket potato.

Meal 3 and keeping with the meat meal theme I picked Italian Style Steak Meatballs

With a Cherry Tomato & Chilli Pasta Sauce and a Tear & Share Garlic Bread

The meatballs tasted very fresh and much better than any others I have tried. The sauce although it says it’s meant for pasta went really well with the meatballs and wasn’t too spicy. The garlic bread which is tomato & Basil tastes amazingly good and is so easy to just rip pieces off as needed.

I also treated myself to a luxury dessert.

Raspberry Roulade is like a meringue roll infused with delicious raspberries and cream. This lasted a few days as very sweet to eat all at once and was a good end to great tasting meals.

The products I purchased are just a tiny amount of foods in the vast range of Tescos Finest Products
New products are added all the time and at great value, price and taste.

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  1. November 13, 2013 / 14:03

    Yes! Luxury desserts are well worth it and Christmas is a time when I treat us to a few of those πŸ™‚

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