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Back in the 19th century A woman now known as Gran Stead created a recipe for a Mellow Ginger drink. This was the start of Gran Steads Ginger and has now turned into a family business in Sussex.
Gran Stead’s Ginger co produce a delicious range of unique soft drinks with a rather nostalgic edge to them. They have a love of ginger and the drinks are handmade making them so different to similar names products found in supermarkets.
There are five drinks in total. Four of them being ginger based. Mellow Ginger which is the traditional family favourite. Feiry Ginger which I was kindly sent a bottle of.

20131104-175439.jpg this stuff is strong and really puts hairs on your chest. Definitely not for the faint hearted as it has a very strong kick to it whilst being full of ginger flavour.
Blackcurrant with Zing
Is a new addition to the range and also one I chose to sample.

20131104-175644.jpg it contains Blackcurrant juice with ginger and has a warming strong flavour. It warms the back of your throat too so may be useful for colds and coughs, but it’s great all year round and for any season.
There are also two Lemonade varieties. Lemonade with zing and Still Lemonade

Up until a few years back I didn’t realise that the still (real) lemonade a existed. I always assumed the cheap fizzy rubbish was lemonade and that was it. I also chose to try the Still Lemonade. This one doesn’t contain ginger tho the one with zing does. This is a very refreshing thirst quenching drink it’s made from silican lemons and tastes lovely. I have tried a few other varieties of still lemonade and found they don’t taste good or taste like washing up liquid but the Gran Stead’s one is do different. It tastes of real lemons and is just very pleasant to drink. I have not sampled the Lemonade with zing but I imagine it tastes just as good.
To find out more about Gran Stead’s drinks and how to buy them you can visit the website here


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