Good Old English Breakfast with Black Farmer

The Black Farmer produce a fine range of gluten free meat and dairy products which include sausage, burgers, bacon, cheese, eggs and chicken. Their product range is growing all the time and many of their products can be found in most major supermarkets.
The Black Farmer range was born in 2004 with the idea coming from Wilfred Emmanuel Jones who was aware of poor quality sausages in supermarkets. He began about making his own sausage range containing a higher meat content which would also be suitable for those with gluten and wheat allergies. Since then their product range has developed to include so much more.
I was recently sent a very nice Breakfast pack.

The pack contained Black Farmer Bacon six mouth watering rashers of delicious bacon. This bacon contains less water than most other brands and therefore does not shrink down in size when cooked. It has a prime quality smoked pork flavour and is a real winner on a cooked breakfast.
Premium Pork Sausage. These thick succulent juicy sausages contain 90% pork meat. They are infused with herbs and seasoning to bring out the meaty flavour.

Free range eggs are a fairly new addition to the product range. The eggs are large and laid by hens which are fed a rich and varied diet to give a fuller flavour and darker yolk.

Well when my products arrived it was very early morning so I was much looking forward to my delicious hot cooked breakfast. I added a few beans a few slices of toast and here it is.

Yummy. It was delicious and certainly filled me up for the day. I only managed one photograph as I just couldn’t wait to tuck in.
Many of the Black Farmer products can be found in supermarkets on be purchased at Ocado.

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