Clean Hands, Clean Home with Aquaint

Aquaint is a new natural antibacterial cleansing spray. It is extremely mild and sensitive and has a multitude of useful uses. It is so mild that it can be used to clean tiny baby hands from birth onwards. It can also be used as a hand wash for older children after playing out or painting etc and as a fast sanitiser for adult hands too. Aswel as cleaning hands the Aquaint spray can be used as a surface cleaner, it kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria in seconds and it is even totally safe to use on food such as fruit if dropped by a child: it can be sprayed onto food to clean it.

The spray is totally chemical free and free from alcohol. It is safe for use on sensitive skin and does not cause skin dryness. It's completely safe if swallowed too or sprayed into the mouth and safe enough to use to clean breastpumps. Another use is for cleaning cuts and grazes which my kids seem to constantly have.

I have found this spray extremely handy for wiping down Izebella's high chair, she is such a messy eater and this spray does not leave any nasty tastes on the tray nor on the food. I have never come across any sort of cleaning spray like this and especially not one that is very safe for babies with lots of uses around the home and out and about.



The spray comes in two sizes- a small 50ml size which is great for putting in a handbag, taking on trips, parks etc. after all I can't count the times when I have been out and kids have had chocolate or ice creams and I have had nothing to wipe/wash sticky hands with. The 50ml size costs approximately Β£2.50

The larger size is 500ml with an easy spray nozzle and this size is much better to keep around the home for family uses as mentioned above. This size is Β£4.99 and both can be purchased from NCT Shop


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