Well Autumn is upon us yet again along with the cold windy wet weather and soon dark nights. I always get a very strange feeling around this time of year, not quite sure what it is but almost like there is something in the air.
Autumn also brings lots and lots of messy leaves. Something which my kids enjoy as there always seems to be a school project involving some sort of dead lead art. For me however it means the constant path sweeping to get rid of them.
Halloween isn’t far away and I will be doing lots of Halloween features. Kids have already asked what new costume they will get this year. Why is everything so commercialised and always about money? When I was little I would be happy making a witch outfit from a bin liner or making a sheet into a ghost. My kids would be ashamed if I made them wear a sheet or bin bag for trick or treat.
Then comes Bonfire night which I hate. I never liked it as a child all the bangs and whistles and screeches, the warning adverts and pictures of kids being burnt: always frightened me. I do try to do something with my kids tho usually a relatives house and let them do the bonfire whilst I hide away inside.
Then Christmas planning (it never ends) I have already started using the old threat of ringing Santa if they don’t behave. I have him on my phone under contacts with a fake number. Works a treat to get them tidy up etc.
Well I wonder what this Autumn shall bring.



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  1. September 21, 2013 / 13:27

    I love this time of year….

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