The Happy Ocra

The Happy Ocra is an online gift shop based in Cardiff and founded by Nova Cookson.
The items in the shop focus on animal welfare issues and include a lovely range of cups, plates, t-shirts, notepads and more. 10% of all profits go to a selection of animal charities.

One of the product ranges features this lovely animal alphabet.

20130920-101145.jpg it’s a collection of 26 animals each one corresponding to a letter of the alphabet. It appears on posters and t-shirts and Jordanna now has a lovely t-shirt with the animal alphabet. I think it’s both fun and quite educational too.

Many of the other products at the Happy Ocra feature an “I Love My” theme which include four animal designs and designed by Nova’s husband.

Fins, Fur, Freedom and Tusks each with a meaning of their own.
Fins refers to sharks which are sadly in decline due to being hunted for their fins.
Freedom is for Ocras which should not be kept in captivity.
Fur is being against cruelty to animals and animals being killed to make fur coats/clothing etc.
Tusks obviously for the elephants to help stop ivory poaching.
The I love my range can be seen on cups and plates and I now have a beautiful ceramic Fins mug.

There are some lovely items at the Happy Ocra store and all with a deep meaning to help end animal suffering worldwide.

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