Amazing Chocolate at Monty Bojangles

I was recently sent some amazing fudge and truffles from fine London confectioners Monty Bojangles.

Monty Bojangles fine French cocoa dusted truffles are the finest truffles around.

20130916-190540.jpg the first ones I tried were Butterscotch infused with sea salt it sounds a rather strange combination but they were just heavenly with gorgeous thick mouth watering chocolate and the delightful crunch of the infused sea salt. I did not want to put these down. Secondly the Lavish and Luscious chocolaty box which were just pure gorgeous smooth truffles of chocolate which seemed to melt in the mouth. Then Flirtatious and Fruity orange which again were just pure irresistible chocolate blocks but this time with the amazing orange zingy flavour.
All the truffles were dusted in cocoa to make them taste even more amazing. The truffles are all suitable for vegetarians and come in delightful little boxes. There are 9 different varieties altogether.
Aswel as the lovely truffles I was also sent two boxes of fudge which I also absolutely enjoyed. The fudges were Natural Butter Fudge and Natural Hot Chocolate fudge which was made with cocoa and marshmallow pieces. The fudge pieces were very generous in size and very smooth and crumbly. This has to be without a doubt the best fudge I have tasted so far.

The products at Monty Bojangles all vary in price but are relatively inexpensive costing only a few pound per box and therefore making great Christmas treats and stocking fillers. The truffles and fudge I tried are in my opinion of high quality compared to other brands. The taste is lovely and I didn’t want to share my treats.
Monty Bojangles also sell a range of sweets aswel as other fudge and truffle varieties.


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