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If you follow my blog regularly then you are probably aware that I am a lover of retro and nostalgic things and anything that reminds me of my childhood. I can only assume that my childhood must of been a very happy one given the fact that I enjoy things that take me back in time to that memorable place. Many childhood things get forgotten and its always nice to find quirky things that make you think 'Oh I remember that!'. I recently came across a lovely site called Sweet and Nostalgic which as their name states sell some lovely nostalgic and sweet items/ memorabilia and also traditional retro sweets.

Their nostalgic goodies start right back at the Victorian Era (1910s-1930s) and includes many old fashioned tin/wall signs, caddy tins, scrap books etc there are a few Titanic related items too and even a Victoria cross replica along with many gift packs to choose from.

Moving on to the 1940s Era which mainly focuses around WW2 with posters, reproduction medals and coins, scrapbooks, aprons, jigsaws, cups and some unusual items such as a copy of a ration book and national identity card. If you are a collector of WW2 memorabilia then you are sure to find something special here.


The 1950s section moves onto the well known stars such as Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean items plus many old car and vehicle memories. There are coin packs and DVDs in this collection and a very retro working telephone 1950s style. Maybe a good section for finding a gift for the parents at Christmas.


The swinging 1960s gives reminders of cars from back in day plus motorbikes of the era. Of course there is also lots of Beatles goodies along with hampers and car model kits and another working telephone 1969s style this time of course.

1970s was the decade I was born (1977) much of the 70s was carried over to the early 80s so a lot of the 70s related items they sell do bring back memories for me. There are lots of tv show reminders such as superman and Wonder Woman. They have some lovely mugs which are available alone or with sweet packs and I was kindly sent one over. Mine was Wonder Woman which pretty much suits me I think (ha) the cups are quite big in size so will hold a nice warm brew and mine came with lots of lovely sweeties too (sherbets, flying saucers, lollies etc) makes a lovely fun gift if stuck for present ideas and they are available for 1970s and 1980s.



Finally there are also 1980s era products to choose from with board games, mugs, and other things. As stated above Sweet and Nostalgic also sell retro sweets with lots of different varieties to choose from and sweet gift packs, hampers and jars they even sell that old hard toffee which my dad used to buy every Christmas without fail, the one you need a hammer to break it up. Therefore if you love your nostalgic items and things that take you back to your childhood or are a collector of old things then pop along to the Sweet and Nostalgic website and see


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