Something Special Twitter Party

Last Thursday we hosted our Something Special Party which was live on twitter between 4-6pm. We were very excited to be chosen as party hosts along with other parents around the country.
About a week before the party a huge box arrived full of Something Special party toys, invites, partywear and more arrived. I was very surprised to see how much was in our box.

20130916-111551.jpg as you can see there was also a Pre wrapped pass the parcel and a lovely cake. There were also 12 small cup cakes with some packaged icing and cake toppers which Jordanna tried her best to put on.
I made some smarty cookies to try to fit the spotty tie mr tumble theme and some sandwiches and a few other bits of party food.


I was expecting about 8 kids including my own 3 but I didn’t quite realise that Ryan had asked a lot more and in the end I had a total of 14 children altogether.
The toys included are part of the new collection at Golden Bear Toyswhich will be launched this Autumn and will be available in Tesco.

Our party pack came with some recommended games to play during the party which we managed to just about fit them all in. As you can imagine with so many children this was difficult and not everyone wanted to join in every game. The games included a version of pin the tail on donkey only this time it was a Mr Tumble poster and children had to try and put stickers on Mr Tumbles nose whilst blindfolded. Unfortunatly we were running out of space after a few goes but it was lots of fun anyway. Then there was what’s in the spotty bag (bag pictured above) and a game where the interactive Mr Tumble was passed around and children had to guess which phrase he said next, followed by pass the parcel and even an extra game of our own – musical statues plus food breaks in between. It was very hectic but lots of fun which even Izebella enjoyed.


I would like to say thank you to UK MUMS TV for allowing us to be party hosts for this amazing party

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