Back to School with Sainsbury’s

Like most children in the country my little monkeys went back to school this month. Ryan is now in year 5 and Jordanna is in year 2. As always with the new school year comes buying new uniforms and other bits which can sometimes work out quite expensive. Sainsbury's however have a great Back to School product range including uniforms, footwear and lots of accessories some of which they kindly sent over just before the new school year started.

School Uniform

My children were both sent some uniform pieces for their big day. Ryan got a pack of three long sleeved shirts which also require no ironing – great for me as I absolutely hate ironing. They fit really well and look very smart on. The shirts come in all sizes and priced between Β£4-Β£8.

He also received some school trousers. The trousers come in packs of two and have a permanent crease. They are easy to iron with an adjustable waist which is an absolute god send for children's clothing as its very rare to find anything that fits perfectly. The trousers are priced from Β£6 – Β£10

Jordanna also got her uniform, she received some lovely polo shirts. The shirts feature a frilly collar and an embroider flower design on the pocket making them quite girly. I find polo shirts much easier fir Jordanna as their are less diddly buttons for her small hands. Her skirt is also permanent pleat withan elasticated waist. The skirts are priced from Β£6-Β£10.


And here they both are looking smart and ready for the big day in their new uniforms.

Shame Ryan wouldn't smile.


As well as their uniforms they also got a smart lunch box and pencil case each. The

These funky looking lunch bags are great. They are so light compared to the heavy plastic lunch boxes yet still hold quite a lot inside and keep food fresh. They come in several designs and my kids love them. They are good for taking on trips too or maybe a picnic if the sun ever comes back.

They both love their pencil cases too. Being at primary school means thy don't yet need to take their own pens and bits to school. However they both get homework and aren't great at sharing so these pencil cases come in handy to separate their own pens and things.

Lastly we were sent a great selection of craft and activity packs. The kids are still having lots and lots of fun with these. Their is tile mosaics, paint by numbers, notebooks, stickers wooden dinosaur kit, plane kit plus a huge bumper craft kit containing a massive 700 pieces.

The packs are designed for school holiday boredom but can really be used at any time. My kids still play with them after school when it's raining and they are very inexpensive to buy. The bumper craft kit will last ages as their is so many things inside it to create things.


My little artists

It's not too late to buy your back to school essentials from Sainsbury's and they are well worth it for the price.


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