Spam Repackaged

Spam has been around for years. I remember my parents always having a tin or two in the cupboard and having it with a nice cooked breakfast.
Spam is chopped ham and pork in a tin and can be eaten cold; perhaps on sandwiches or a salad or it can be cooked- fried, grilled, oven cooked and even barbecued or even added to a variety of dishes to make a greet tasting meal.

Spam is well known for its rectangular tin, however it has recently been relaunched into a handy plastic tub as seen in the photograph above. The tub makes it much easier to open; no more cutting of fingers on those sharp edges. It also makes storing it in the fridge much easier too as the lid can just be popped back on keeping it fresher for longer.
Spam can still be purchased in the original tin too if preferred but I think I definitely prefer the tub option. The spam inside is exactly the same, no difference in taste or looks.

I decided to stick to my old family favourites and that is a nice cooked breakfast with spam, bacon and egg

20130910-212858.jpg. Tastes great especially in mornings.


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  1. September 11, 2013 / 16:42

    I tasted a sample of new Spam at the weekend and it was surprisingly tasty. I can still remember spam fritters being served at school dinners. It would certainly be a useful larder staple.

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