Blingles Glam Styler Set

Time for kids to get sparkly and creative with their new glittering Blingles Glam Styler from Creative Kids.
The twinkling studio is aimed at little girls age 6 and over but Ryan couldn’t help but join in with the fun, so if your little boy likes to be creative then I see no reason why boys can’t enjoy this too.
The set comprises of a pink studio. Glitter pots with rollers. Gems, gem pen, glitter brush and sticker cards. It’s easy to do. You first set up your little studio by placing the glitters and brushes in place.

20130904-162205.jpg Then choose which of the many stickers you wish to do. There are lots of different ones featuring items, stars, ice creams , rockets and more. You then have to peel off the top layer of the sticker so the sticky part remains – this I found quite tricky for the kids and its probably easier for an adult to do this. You then apply the glitter using the enclosed rollers. It can get a little messy but there’s a handy small glitter brush so you can just brush the glitter back into pots. You then glam up your stickers using gems if you wish for that extra sparkle.

The sticker then peels off very easily and can then be stuck to almost anything be it books, consoles, phones or toys. Jordanna made this pretty shoe

20130904-162702.jpg. Ryan did a little cupcake which he put on the back of his psp console.

My kids had lots of fun with this set and keep asking to do more glitter stickers tho they are running out of places to put them. This set has an RRP of Β£19.99 and although slightly fiddly in parts, it’s a good activity that will stop children being bored for a while. Great for a present/stocking filler in my opinion.
It’s very easy to do and does not need batteries and there are lots of stickers enclosed to hopefully last a while.


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