Summer Snacks with Darling Spuds

Who doesn’t enjoy munching on a nice bag of crisps full of flavour? I know I do especially as I’m not a huge eater. I rarely have time for breakfast and skip lunch a lot too, so often have a snack during the day. I enjoy crisps but sometimes get bored of the usual flavours on offer. Darling Spuds sent me over a box of their crisps to try.

The crisps are all hand cooked/fried using a selection of handpicked ingredients. The crisps are also gluten free and suitable for vegetarians and are 20% lower in fat than standard crisps.
There are six unique flavours to choose from.
* crushed natural sea salt
* sea salt and Italian balsamic vinegar
* sun ripened tomato,
* green olive & oregano
* West Country Cheddar, Leek and pink peppercorns
* Fire roasted JalapeΓ±o peppers and sour cream with a hint of Mexican chilli

As you can see these are not the shelf standard flavours and each flavour is very unique. I tried them all and they are all very tasty. The crisps are also generous in size and don’t break up into crumbs whilst in packets like some other crisis tend to.
My overall favourite was sun ripened tomato.
Darling Spud snacks are made by Salty Dog creators Judy and David Willis and are a result of Judy’s determination to create a more natural snack in the growing demand for healthier foods.
Darling spuds can be found at a variety of stores and larger supermarkets.

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