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As you may already know per previous posts; I love trying new and unusual foods. Foods which you don’t normally find on any supermarket shelf and food which both tastes and looks great.
I have for a long time and for some unknown reason been fascinated by luxury food hampers. I think it’s just how great they look or the array of different and exciting foods they contain. So when I was asked if I would like to review the Victorian Gourmet Hat Box I of course jumped at the chance.

A beautiful Victorian themed case arrived at my door full of wonderful treats. The box itself is a great design and will be useful as either a picnic box/vanity case etc in the future.

20130717-204817.jpg. This box was bursting with luxury treats which I could not wait to sample.

Inside this box were the following items.
* Lewis & Cooper handmade luxury fruitcake
* 400g Stokes Finest Real Ale Chutney
* 400g Stokes Finest Mustard & Honey Mayonnaise
* 100g Fudges Cheddar Wafers
* 100g Fudges Poppy & Sesame Seed Wafer Biscuits
* 300g Fudges Flapjacks
* 275ml Fentimans Lemonade
* 275ml Fentimans Ginger Beer
* 275g Anthon Berg Stawberry in Champagne Chocolate
* 180g Epicure Venison Pâté
* 180g Epicure Pheasant Pâté

I had never tried any of these foods nor brands before. The first thing I tried was the Fudges Cheddar wafers and Sesame seed wafers with the pâtés. They tasted delicious together it was almost like a very posh picnic lunch. I found the pâtés very rich and full of flavour and the wafer biscuits also nicely flavoured and did not crumble like other savoury biscuits. They are very filling too.


20130717-210126.jpg. The Real Ale Chutney and Honey Mayonnaise made great side sauces. The chutney reminded me of Christmas puddings and the mayonnaise was like nothing I have tasted before and is absolutely delicious.


The drinks were a nice refreshing treat too. I love real traditional lemonade and I could really taste that this lemonade had been made with real lemon juice (unlike the shelf stuff) I’m not a big fan of ginger beer but I did try it and it actually tasted quite nice compared to other varieties.

Last but certainly not least it was time to try the sweet stuff. This was certainly my favourite bit. The Fudges Flapjacks were just heavenly, very thick and covered in chocolate with a heart warming sweet buttery taste. I was quite annoyed once they were gone. These are certainly something I would buy if I ever happened to spot them.

The Anthon Berg Chocolates were all individually wrapped. With a fruit jam liqueur centre and gorgeous thick high quality chocolate shaped into a disc I was sure to treasure every bite. Almost in a slight way like an extremely high class Jaffa cake.


I haven’t got round to trying the Lewis and Cooper fruitcake but I’m sure it tastes just as good as all the other lovely items and it is fabulously decorated..

This delightful gourmet hamper would make a great gift be it birthday or Christmas. This is the sort of thing I have always wished someone would buy me but they never do.
The price is £57.45 and you can purchase from Fine Food Store.

    About Fine Food Store

The Fine Food Store stock a huge range of luxury food & gifts, Gourmet hampers, Christmas hampers and presents. They take the hassle out of luxury gift buying as all the products can be delivered to your home within 48 hours.
The Fine Food Store have over 25 years of experience retailing quality fine foods

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