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If you are lucky enough to own an iPad or tablet you will know only too well just how expensive they are. You will also know just how light and prone to dropping they can be. Like most people who own these gadgets I am constantly worried about dropping mine and damaging it. I have no idea how much an iPad would cost to repair but I can’t imagine it being cheap. Common sense tells me to invest in a good protective cover/casing for my gadgets to prevent costly accidents.
So one day I heard about a brand new iPad/tablet protective casing called iBallz and I couldn’t wait to try it out. I was kindly sent one for review.

The iBallz is a very simple and unique design. It consists of four shock absorbing balls and an adjustable elastic cord which fits around your device and the balls slide onto the corners.

20130712-201240.jpg. This four ball system ensures that if your tablet is dropped it never touches the floor avoiding sticky and wet surfaces. By removing one ball the tablet can also be orientated into a typing position thus also be practical and durable.

    iBallz Folding Lid

The iBallz lid work with the original iBallz (as above) and is compatible with iPads. It simply wraps around your device and stays attached to it. The lid and flaps can also be folded back to use iPad as a tilted stand.

20130712-202057.jpg. Or the lid can be used as a glove to hold iPad by simply folding a different way. Full easy instructions tell you how do to this.
The lid has a USB hole for easy charging plus a mesh pocket for storage and a card holder too.

Now obviously I am not willing to purposely drop my iPad but I have placed my iPad on floor and lightly bounced it to test and I am fairly confident that the iBallz do as they promise and would provide great protection if I was to accidentally drop it. It would certainly prevent the iPad from hitting the floor as the balls work like shock absorbers taking the whole impact. I am very pleased my iPad is now protected.
The iBallz work with iPads and several other tablets including Samsung Galaxy. The folding lid is for all makes of iPads. Information can be found at iBallz

iBallz Originals (Β£24.95) and iBallz Folding Sleeve (Β£32.95) are available from Scottsofstow


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