Stèrimar baby nasal spray

Isn’t it awful when babies and young children get blocked noses? They can’t breathe and can’t blow their own noses nor clear them and usually get very frustrated. I know Izebella does and I feel so sorry for her. Using cotton buds is one way of clearing little noses but this can be dangerous for baby and not so comfortable.
Luckily Stèrimar have a baby nasal spray to help unblock those small noses and they sent me a bottle of Stèrimar baby for review.
The spray is a sea water based nasal spray. The mineral salts in seawater are well known for therapeutic properties. The solution is anti-histamine and steroid free and contains nothing harmful with no known side effects.
The spray came in a 50ml sprat can it has a thin gentle nozzle for tiny noses.


Now I would never use any new product on my children without of course using it myself first (adult guinea pig springs to mind). So that’s what I did.
The sprayer was very easy to push down and the spray came out easily and quickly in short bursts. The spray was not at all unpleasant and did not irritate and seemed to clear my nose fine. Obviously after using its always a good idea to wash the nozzle. I then used it to clear Izebellas little nose. She did not cry or seem to bothered by it and seemed to breathe a little easier afterwards so it definitely cleared her nose a little.
The spray is suitable for 0-3 years, it can be used daily up to six times per day and seems a handy product to have in your medicine cupboard for when those nasty colds strike


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  1. July 20, 2013 / 17:16

    Sterimar has been a favourite on the continent for decades.
    Works great for adults too 😉

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