Goody Good Stuff Sweets

Goody Good Stuff is a new range of chewy sweets made via plant derived bio-gum. The process eliminates animal based gelatin which most other chewy sweets contain.
Making these sweets suitable for vegans and people who have food allergies including nuts, egg, wheat and gluten.

The sweets come in 8 different varieties and two pack sizes 25g and 100g sharing packs. They have sour ranges and normal chewy range and all the flavours can be found here. I was sent some of the sweets to try. They taste very nice like normal chewy sweets but I found them much more fruitier as they only contain natural fruit and vegetable extracts. My kids enjoyed them too and thought they tasted great aswel as being more healthier for them.
For a full list of where to purchase the sweets please visit here.


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