Brainbox Games – Animals

Brainbox Games is owned by the Green Board Company which was set up 1991.
They produce a range of fun educational games for children of varying ages and sent my kids one over to try.

Animals is a very simple game it consists of lots of animal fact cards, a timer, special dice and rule cards. It can be played solo or with multiple players/groups and suitable for almost all ages although very young players will need help.

20130703-202015.jpg. Each card shows a different animal (some I have never heard of) and is beautifully illustrated with easy facts about the animal.
The youngest player starts first and picks an animal card which he/she starts to study (fact side). The sand timer is turned and the player has only ten seconds to study the facts (longer for younger players) once the time is up the card is passed to player next to them and the one playing rolls the special dice. The number on the dice will be the number of the question (on back of fact card) that they get asked and they have ten seconds to answer. The answer to the question being on the fact side of card which they studied.


20130703-202434.jpg. Now if the player answers correctly they keep the card, if not the card goes back in the box. At the end of the game (ten minutes or so) the winner is the one with most cards.
Ryan and Jordanna love this game. It teaches them so much about animals like where they come from, what they eat, if they are endangered etc. it’s great for families to do something different too. There are other titles in this range of games too which can be found here all providing hours of educational sharing fun.



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