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Izebellas fingernails are so tiny yet they grow very fast and quickly become sharp like little razors. I hate cutting and trimming them. I never liked cutting Ryan or Jordannas either. A few months ago I was trying to clip her little nails and accidentally caught her fingertip which then bled and made me feel awful. I have since been even more wary about using them.
I was asked if I would like to review the new Nipper Clipper. It’s the latest invention from Tom Pellereau (former apprentice winner) and the first nail clipper to have a safety spy hole.

The safety spy hole allowed me to see exactly what I was cutting and therefore avoiding nipping Izebellas skin. These clippers seemed to trim her nails very easily and softly, I did not have to put any pressure on the clippers or press down hard at all.
I managed to trim Izebellas nails easily with these as I could clearly see through the hole just how much nail I was taking off.
With the nipper clipper kit also came an S shape file which helped smooth away any sharp bits after clipping.

20130705-200742.jpg. Izebellas nails were finally short and smooth again.

Alongside the nail kit is also an app developed to keep babies amused whilst clipping nails. It is called Timmy Tickle and available from Apple app store both a free version and cheap paid version.

I tend to clip Izebellas nails whilst she is sleeping but I have shown her the app on my phone and she seemed quite amused and entertained for a short while so it is a fairly good distraction idea.
I think the new Nipper Clippers are a great idea. They are certainly much better than any standard clippers or baby scissors and a much needed safety product.



Nipper Clippers can be purchased from Sainsburys and Amazon RRP Β£9.99.
Check Stylfile for your nearest stockist.



  1. KatyKkk
    July 15, 2013 / 17:33

    When I was a young mum many many years ago we were told to bite them

    • elle cowan
      August 4, 2013 / 20:32

      oh i was told that too, but i have never even been able to bite my own nails, its something that just horrifies me i think its a bit of a freaky-phobia, also i worried it would have encouraged the children to start biting their nails which i am sure is a difficult habit to break… i managed ok with a set of round tip baby nail scissors from our local unichem chemist (do unichem even exist any more i wonder? they were great little chemists) and i’m pleased to say i had no nail biters amongst my now adult brood! πŸ™‚

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