Family Update

I have been doing lots of reviews recently aswel as the usual school runs, house cleaning, doctor appointments etc so found it difficult to put in any family updates. Things happen so fast and I seem to lose track of time. There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day anymore, or maybe I’m getting old. I am now 36 after all despite luckily not looking it not feeling it.
Anyway a little update on kiddies.



20130705-141319.jpg. Hmm where do I start? 9 years old and already beginning to show traits of teenage behaviour. Answering back, shouting, stubbornness, room looks like a bomb has hit it no matter how many times I tidy it for him and he hates his class teacher and school. Lucky for him he only has two weeks left which for me means more of his behaviour. He has also been taking money from my purse and lots of lies on top which I punish him by grounding him or taking away his possessions. Not too sure what’s got into him lately but hoping he will snap out of it soon. On the other hand he can be quite helpful and considerate when he wants to be.



20130705-141818.jpg. Hard to believe that six years ago I was heavily pregnant happily awaiting my C-section date. Yes my little girl turns six next Friday (12th July) she spends most of her time fighting and arguing with big brother or playing with little sister. She is constantly falling over despite wearing glasses. A very happy cute little girl otherwise and almost at the end of school year one meaning juniors next year. It goes so fast.



20130705-142131.jpg. Well my little baba is nine months old today. Very cute and growing so quick. Had her first haircut last week as her hair was getting too long and in her eyes. She isn’t the fastest baby when it comes to milestones – she is just about sitting alone but can be a little wobbly. She is rolling and gets about the floor tho not crawling yet. She seems to get frustrated that she can’t move about. I guess she hasn’t read the baby text books yet on what she should be doing and when, but I’m not worried as long as she can walk by the age of two (hopefully sooner) then I’ll be happy.






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