School Year Calendar (K Two Products)

School holidays are almost upon us yet again. With the Summer holidays comes organising for the next school year- buying new uniform, shoes and preparing your child for a new class. Most schools send out letters detailing holiday dates for the new school year, but if you are anything like me; the letters get lost or thrown away and so you are left wondering “when do they break up again”.
Well thanks to KtwoProducts you don’t need to worry about losing those letters anymore with the School Year calendar.
I was kindly sent a calendar to use.

20130625-123526.jpg. This calendar is very unique as unlike most other calendars which run from January to December, this one runs from August to August covering the whole school year. There is space for five family members (just great for our household) and space for each person to write in birthdays, medical appointments or school parents evenings, sport events, plays or after school activities.

20130625-123852.jpg. There are also some handy useful stickers which come with it for certain school events which can be stuck on.

20130625-124007.jpg and a useful year off notepad at the bottom for quick notes if you are forgetful.

20130625-124104.jpg. There is a handy pocket for each month too for storing notes and things in.
The calendar is beautifully designed and there are holes for hanging it. This is a very handy product to have if you have children in school especially if you often forget dates and appointments.

The calendar can be purchased here and currently costs Β£12.99
K two Products also sell a whole range of stationary and organiser items.


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