20130530-084811.jpg Messymatzis a small family business specialising in highchair splash mats, messy mats and play mats for babies and toddlers.
Their mats are larger than most other available products because they know how messy babies and children can be The mats are easy clean, anti-fray and can be rolled or folded for travel or storing.
I was sent my own Messymat for review.

I received this lovely under the sea mat . It is brightly coloured and very big featuring nemo fish and lots of marine life which is also quite educational when children ask “what fish is this”? Just a shame I don’t know the answers.
The mat wipes clean very easily and had a whole multitude of uses in our home such as- under highchair, for baby when she finally sits alone , for older kids and messy play, tablecloth, and would be great for taking out on a warm day to sit on etc. it’s great.
This mat is 1.4m wide and they come in even bigger sizes too. This one is big enough for us and just to give you an idea how big they are- here is a picture of my older two kids on it.

20130530-085744.jpg. It’s enormous my kids look like dots on this, so much room.
Prices vary for different types of mat and sizes but are all very good prices. Please visit Messymatz to view the full range and how to buy.


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