As a blogger I seem to get lots of interesting things to try and some of it involves food and drink. Luckily I am usually up for most things.
A large box arrived at Mummy Evette’s World containing a range of interesting ALPRO goodies.

I got
*2 alpro soya milk alternative cartons
*Hazelnut drink
*Almond Milk
* Soya dark chocolate pots
Alpro began in Belgium in 1934 they produce a range of soya and plant based food and drinks which are both nutritious and healthy and suitable for both vegetarians and vegans aswel as being suitable for those with milk/ dairy allergies.

The soya milk alternative which we tried is suitable for children and adults over one year. My kids both seemed to like it . It didn’t really taste like normal milk and has a sort of sweeter flavour. Although this probably isn’t something I would buy myself ; it certainly isn’t the worst thing I have ever tasted and would be great for children unable to drink regular milk.

20130529-211437.jpg. The almond drink tasted delicious, packed full of lovely almondy flavours this would be great alone or with cereal or in smoothies and I would buy this again.

20130529-211725.jpg Wow this too was delicious. It’s like a nutty milkshake but without the milk if that makes sense. Bursting with nutty flavours and again great for breakfast or alone.

20130529-212011.jpg these chocolate pots were very yummy indeed. Tasted just as good (if not better) than most other chocolate deserts.
All in all we were very happy with the range of Alpro products we tried and would buy them in the future
A full range of Alpro products including prices, ingredients and where to buy can be found here


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