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Since having children I have always used disposable nappies as they seem more convenient and never really thought about using anything else. I was asked to try G nappies and thought it wouldn’t harm to give them a go.

G nappies are part disposable , part reusable. They come with g refills which pop into the waterproof and breathable G pouch inside the nappy.


20130524-112613.jpg. The G refills are the disposable part which will breakdown on a landfill site within just 50-150 days – compared to a regular disposable nappy which can take up to 500 years to biodegrade.Making them the third largest contributor to world landfill sites.
G Breath technology helps keep nappy rash at bat leaving baby’s bum skin fresh and comfortable.
For more information vist gnappies

I was given two g nappies and a few days supply of refills. I have been using the G nappies in the day with Izebella and am fairly impressed by them. I was worried about leaks but so far so good and there has not been any. I have still been using disposables through night.
Izebella did have nappy rash before using these and it does seem a little better since using the g nappies.
They come I a range of sizes to suit and a few colours/ patterns to choose from. You use the refills like a normal disposable nappy, simply change them every few hours. The nappy itself seems to wash well, hand washing is probably best if possible as they are only small but a low machine wash would be ok too.
They can be purchased from Ocado. By purchasing these nappies you are helping to resolve the environment problems in landfills.


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